Photos of buildings, bridges, statues or anything else that belong to cities are in this portfolio.

Amsterdam, The NetherlandsAntwerp, BelgiumHong Kong, ChinaMunduk, Bali, IndonesiaMunduk, Bali, IndonesiaUbud, Bali, IndonesiaHong Kong, ChinaDelft, The NetherlandsDelft, The NetherlandsJust some staircase I spotted in London.The tunnel for the upcoming subway line from the north to the south in Amsterdam.The muziekgebouw aan 't IJPeople working on the tram tracks.The "Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ" by night.This house is sharp as a razor.Awesome graffiti @NDSM shipyard.It started snowing like crazy, so I took this snap.Near Sporenburg, Amsterdam.The Wester Toren in Amsterdam, a beautiful church in the city center.Walking alongside Coney Island, NYCThe MetLife, hidden by fog.Big buildings got a lot of windows that need cleaning. New York CityChina Town, NYCThe cast shadow of the Empire State building.Ground zero/911 memorial in NYC with the reflection of the new Freedom Tower.Waiting for the 4 train to arrive.Battery park, New York CityWalking through lower Manhattan, New York CityBuilding in AmsterdamThis is a bridge in Amsterdam that was under construction for a long time. This was just before they finished it.Just a building in Amsterdam.This is a bridge leading to the Java island.This is the TGV train station in Valence, France.This is the TGV train station in Valence, France.This is an awesome bridge in Amsterdam, it leads to the Java-island.The building of the Academy for TV in Amsterdam.This is the skatepark on Museum Square in Amsterdam.The Magere Brug (bridge) in Amsterdam.Subway tracks in Paris.Stairs on the funky building of center Pompidou in Paris, France.The famous river in Paris, France.The Louvre museum in Paris, France.Staircase in the Vatican Museums, Rome.The central station in Amsterdam. People are passing by on there way to the ferry that crosses the IJ.Actually right next to the Passenger Terminal AmsterdamThe Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam by night.This is the Magere Brug closing at night. The idea was sort of by my friend Willem.Just a street in Amsterdam.This photo shows how some people are fighting to survive while the rest of the world is just continuing with whatever itSome beautiful cracked ice and the sun shining through the masts of some ships.Bridge above a semi-frozen canal. Snow is covering this yacht club in  Amsterdam.Some stairs that lead to a tram stop.The Stedelijk Museum under construction.The constructing of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.The morning sun somewhere in Amsterdam.The sunset in Amsterdam, captured from Museum Square.Just a subway station in Rome.This is a backup shot with the theme Lines.This is a shot that I took with the theme Lines for a challenge on a photo forum.Some crazy mirror spheres stacked one top of one another in front of the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain.A very complex staircase in Berlin.A part of Amsterdam by night.A part of Amsterdam by night.A red bridge in Amsterdam by night.Our roof when it was still under construction.A piece of a bridge.Just a random teaspoon somewhere on the street.A passage to a train underpass.Just some scenery from the SarphatiparkIamsterdam sign, reflected on the ice.Just a random bottle of mineral water, I dont know who put it there.Just a lift, shot on my walk through Amsterdam.