I bought myself a beautiful Nikon FE, or actually I got it from dear Santa, off a website like eBay. I wasn't planning on switching to analog photography, I just thought it would be fun to do some analog photography as well. And not only fun in fact, also very educative. I really think I can learn a whole lot from shooting analog, as it forces me to think very well about my shot prior to taking it. I hope this will result in more thoughtful photos in both my analog and digital photography.

Note that none of these photos have been edited in any way. I want them to be exactly as shot in camera.

Just a bridge at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.That's right, an old school macintosh.The harbor covered in snowA lot of snow therePlenty of bikes, this is just a very tiny portion of all the bikes around Central Station, Amsterdam.The bus station attached to Central Station by night.The setting sun in the evening. This one was tricky in terms of lighting.The ledges of rooftops.Willem taking a photo with his Nikon FMIndustrial site near Central Station, Amsterdam.Tunnel vision to the maxThe big red bridge in the distance.Some super cool buildings along this canal in AmsterdamI felt the need to take a photo of myself in this mirror on the street.Buildings fading away into nothing but fogBanisters of an outdoor staircase.The conservatory in Amsterdam near the Central Station.