All photos in this gallery were shot and edited all with the iPhone 4. So they aren't photoshopped, just some minor tweaks have been done in the app called The Best Camera.

That's it.I shot this somewhere in Amsterdam, it's a nice pentagon ceiling.Barbecuing in the summer, that's just lovely.Red table. Two orange pumpkins.Between subway tracks on the left and national train tracks on the right.I love this canal, it just looks so awesome.These are the mornings I dig.A building under construction in Amsterdam.I love how they put that text there, so creative yet so simple. Props to MoMA.Enjoying the sun on the boulevard in Zandvoort.Kyteman, a Dutch artist performing in Paradiso, the temple of pop. His music is very innovating, he mixes orchestra with jazz and hiphop. It's awesome!A beautiful morning here in Amsterdam.I looked around one morning on my way to school and I saw this awesome lighting and the nice calm water.Shot this on my iPhone while walking.That's the nickname of this building.Some mailboxes at the entry of a house.Random branches that stick to a brick wall.My buddy Tobias wearing his sunglasses in a weird way.Clouds above me.A train car.Just a jetty in Amsterdam.A bottle of delicious Coca-Cola. (Is there any drink that's more tasty?)Next to my school I shot this image of a tree overhead.Sticky notes on a glass wall after a opening in a museum.A beautiful VW van.My school from a different perspective.Some beautiful American classic that drove past me.It's me on an escalator.Two escalators in the new part of the Central Station, Amsterdam.The Central Station in Amsterdam.The Central station in Amsterdam.The view from a little pension in Spain in the morning.The sunrise from a little pension in the north of Spain.When we were driving back home from a car event, this car was driving past us and I took this shot with my iPhone.While I was on the beach I shot this with my iPhone.Just a random sign saying you have to watch out when it's wet.While I was waiting I grabbed my iPhone and shot this image of the bike and the brick wall.The magnificent Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain.A cool piece of art in the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain.