Just photos from landscapes, some are far away from home. Some aren't.

Vlieland, The NetherlandsVlieland, The NetherlandsUbud, Bali, IndonesiaVlieland, The NetherlandsDelft, The NetherlandsShot this one in Rome when I was there with school. Note that this shot was taken with my Point&Shoot.Trees and water, upside down.This house located in Overijssel, The Netherlands by night.This house located in Overijssel, The Netherlands by night.Foggy night in Amsterdam.But some bridge southeast of Manhattan.Of all places, this river is in the Bronx, NYJust some awesome tree in Spain, I love how chaotic it is.Nothin more, nothing less.The outlet of a river in Spain.A panorama of a gorgeous bay in the north of Spain.Above the clouds in Spain.Just something in the water.Very strange light rays over a cloud.A weird sandsculpture created by wind.A weird sand sculpture created by mothernatures wind.