I like taking photos of people, but I find it hard sometimes. Here's all the portraits that I've shot. Most of the portraits are of people I know.

Hong Kong, ChinaWillem in some park in London.Willem in some super narrow alley in London.Willem taking a shot with the 14-24mmWillem does it the lazy way, nice and steady.Willem with his Nikon FM that just came in. He seems to be enjoying it with his 80-200 attached to it.Willem is enjoying his just bought 80-200mm 2.8 from Nikon.Willem right after we had a delicious dinner in Chinatown, New York CityJulius while watching a NBA basketball gameMy dad sitting on some sort of porch in Amsterdam.Coreo spinning some recordsDriving towards the evening sunWe played a lot of pool where we stayed in the south of FranceWaas, skateboarder.My guest from the NY-exchange week Javon while we were waterbiking the canals of Amsterdam.Charles is plucking the guitar a little bit after we had a delicious dinner at Julius' in the NY-exchange week.Timo walking in Spain, the weather was amazing.Timo is cutting some wood with his Opinel while sitting on the land in Spain.Timo is sitting on the land in Spain with the beautiful weather.Timo playing probably GTA3 on the iPad in Spain. As a matter of leisure on holiday... Yep.My dad in the freezing air.Jeske and Sophia running on the beach in Zandvoort.My dad with his Ray-Ban on.A photo that I took of myself.My dad with his sunglasses on.My buddy Jonathan drinking some cool water from his bottle in Rome.A portrait of my buddy Jonathan on top of the St. Peter's cathedral in Rome.Oscar at the end of this jetty in Berlin.Just my dad in the zoo.My friend Tobias.My friend Sharanjeet.My friend Sharanjeet is having a good time.My buddy Jonathan.My friend Wieger with the megaphone.My buddie Wieger in his "Darth Vader" outfit.My buddie Willem is taking a picture.My friend Willem is taking a picture.My friend Sam on the beach with wheat in his mouth.My friend Tobias walking away from the camera in this watermaze.My cousin, Tom, drinking some mineral water.