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  • We should write (cm)^2
    Seriously, the c (centi, or 1/100) should be squared, otherwise it makes no sense. Let’s say something is 10 cm x 10 cm. That is:     Whereas 100 cm2 would be     which is clearly not the same. Hence we should write     and all our problems are solved, yay! This of… Read more: We should write (cm)^2
  • Rotterdam by night
    It had been forever since I took to the streets by night (actually it was only around 6 PM) armed with just my camera to take some pictures. Granted, I was somewhat inspired by Pierre T. Lambert, but then I also used to do this often years ago (I would link to the old blog,… Read more: Rotterdam by night
  • Abstract Master Thesis
    Find the full thesis here: GNSS receivers can suffer severely from radio frequency interference (RFI). RFI can introduce errors in the position and time calculations or if the interference is very severe, can lead to a total loss of GNSS reception. This vulnerability of GNSS can have large implications on critical infrastructure such as… Read more: Abstract Master Thesis
  • Printer workaround TU Delft for Mac
    How to print directly from Macbook at TU Delft
    Corona, bla bla bla, Covid-19, bla, quarantine. I’ll refrain from phrases such as crazy/weird/challenging/uncertain times. Or did I? Here’s the thing, in the earlier weeks of the lock down, online drinks became a thing. I’ve never been a huge fan, but it was something. One thing was really missing though, some game to play during… Read more: