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  • Abstract Master Thesis
    GNSS receivers can suffer severely from radio frequency interference (RFI). RFI can introduce errors in the position and time calculations or if the interference is very severe, can lead to a total loss of GNSS reception. This vulnerability of GNSS can have large implications on critical infrastructure such as power plants, telephony, aviation or search […]
  • Printer workaround TU Delft for Mac
    How to print directly from Macbook at TU Delft
    Corona, bla bla bla, Covid-19, bla, quarantine. I’ll refrain from phrases such as crazy/weird/challenging/uncertain times. Or did I? Here’s the thing, in the earlier weeks of the lock down, online drinks became a thing. I’ve never been a huge fan, but it was something. One thing was really missing though, some game to play during […]
  • Really, WordPress?
    Yes, really. This is one of those moments where you’ve been trying to achieve something for a number of years but still haven’t. Of course I was going to build my own website. First in PHP (remember Yii2?). That was off the table not much later. AngularJS + Loopback 3 was up next, this one […]